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PA Community Support Service

A one-to-one support service for deaf, hard of hearing and deafblind people 

deafPLUS and Action Deafness work in partnership to provide Personal Assistants (PA’s), who support and develop service users’ skills to enable them to live independently in the community, to access a variety of services, including our own community activities and to build friendships.  

deafPLUS is part of the YOUchoose consortium, which includes several deaf organisations across the country, who provide one-to-one support to Deaf, deafened, hard of hearing and deaf-blind people. YOUchoose is led by Action Deafness Community, a registered Care Quality Commission provider.   

Service users can apply for referrals directly. Family or friends, members of the NHS Services, Social Services or anyone else connected to the service users who has their permission to act on their behalf can also apply. A referral is just the first stage. This will start a conversation before any decision is made, by all involved, if support is agreed.  

If you have any queries about our PA Community Support Service please contact Amelia:


Voice: 020 8315 2550  

Skype: YOUchoose deafplus

Text: 07521 663987  

Your Service, the way you want it 

The PA Community Support Service service is offered at the following deafPLUS locations:

bromley ealing hackney tower hamlets hammersmith and fulham croydon

Carer Service

carer is anyone who cares, unpaid, for a friend or family member who due to illness, disability, a mental health problem or an addiction and cannot cope without their support. 

Anyone could be a carer – a 16-year-old girl looking after a parent with a disability, a 40-year-old man caring for his partner who has terminal cancer, or an 80-year-old woman looking after her husband who has dementia. 

If that is you, we can support you: 

  1. Information and Advice – Caring can lead to poverty if you have to give up work to care for your partner or family member. Make an appointment on our Advice Line [insert link] where an Advice Worker can assess whether you can claim Carer’s Allowance or any other benefit or credit.  The Advice Line will be able to signpost you to:
  • your local Social Services for a Carers Assessment, 
  • a local Carers Centre to provide you with respite, 
  • deafPLUS’ PA Community Support Service for a PA (Personal Assistant), 
  • and any other information you might need to support you in your caring role. 

2.  Carers Assessment and Advocacy – A carer’s assessment is a chance to discuss your needs with your local council. The assessment is free and your local council will use it to decide what support to give you. The Care Act 2014 aims to strengthen the voice of people who use services, and their carers, over the process of assessing, planning and safeguarding. Local authorities need to commission independent advocacy services to support people who may require it.

 3.  Health & Wellbeing – deafPLUS provides health & wellbeing activities at all it’s centres. For example, we organise social gatherings, activities, outings, bingo groups, and many more.

 4.  Getting a break – Being a carer can be hard work and you might need to take a break sometimes. Respite can mean different things to different carers, it can mean: 

  • getting more paid help at home – this could be via paid workers helping with care or getting more help with tasks around the home. deafPLUS can do this via our PA Community Support Service. 
  • getting someone to keep the person you care for company whilst you go out, 
  • doing something you enjoy, 
  • you, or the person you care for, taking part in activities outside the home. 

Make sure you ask for a carer’s assessment as it looks at the support you need to carry on caring – this could include regular respite and breaks. 

The Carer Service service is offered at the following deafPLUS locations:


Equipment for Home & Life

deafPLUS can provide an equipment assessment, fitting and maintenance service for Deaf and hard of hearing people. 

The equipment we supply includes: 

  • TV Loop systems 
  • Alerting devices 
  • Personal listening devices 
  • Textphones (minicoms) 
  • Fax machines 
  • Telephone amplifiers 
  • Flashing and vibrating smoke alarms (at our Bath office only) 
  • Batteries and tubing  
The Equipment for Home & Life service is offered at the following deafPLUS locations:

bromley ealing bath somerset hampshire

Looking for help or advice?

We're currently building our new Information and Advice hub. In the meantime, to talk with an advisor or book an appointment to visit a local centre please visit our temporary booking page.