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Living with hearing loss

Living with a hearing Loss is designed to support older people to manage the difficulties experienced by losing their hearing through the ageing process. This is achieved by providing access to appropriate information, skills and services in an empathic learning environment.

When a person’s hearing begins to deteriorate, tasks that used to be carried out with ease become difficult. Communication becomes hard work, leading to anxiety and apprehension which may cause problems with family and friends or a loss of independence and social life. With the right advice, equipment, confidence and communication skills older people with hearing loss can continue to lead fulfilled and independent lives.

Offering a combination of a block of 7-week lipreading classes, one-to-one home visits, visits to residential homes, sheltered housing and day centres enables older people to gain support and information in an environment that is comfortable for them, thus providing opportunities for those who may find it difficult to access traditional training venues.

Our 7-week lipreading courses will encourage self management, support independence, alleviate isolation and encourage a positive approach to the ageing process. Participants will gain confidence, essential information and communication skills. Those people residing in isolated areas will gain access to crucial information and have the opportunity to meet with others experiencing the same difficulties, making much needed social contact.

Living with Hearing Loss has been running since 2015. We provide free informal, friendly courses and workshops to the over 50s with hearing loss, in and around London. This is the perfect opportunity to learn about the various causes of hearing loss, hearing loss prevention, maintaining healthy hearing and supporting others with hearing loss. We practice lip reading exercises and talk about other ways of coping, all in a friendly environment. Here we can share experiences and reduce the isolation which occurs only too often with losing one’s hearing.

Contact Zoe Fudge-Ajadi (Admin) For more information or book your space for any of our course or workshop.

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What does the course involve?
The course runs for 7 weeks. We cover the basics of lipreading, provide hearing loss tips, and give you coping strategies. We’ll find out what services and resources are available and invite guest speakers every week to demonstrate equipment and talk about what they do. This course aims to give you a comprehensive look at hearing loss and how to live with it.

What does the workshop involve?
Our workshop gives an overview of how to live with hearing loss in a two- hour session. We will cover the same topics without the lecturers, equipping you with the basics of living with hearing loss.
Come join our friendly groups, we’re sure you’ll enjoy it!

Interested in us running a course or workshop for your day centre, church or car home? Please contact us.

The Living with hearing loss service is offered at the following deafPLUS locations:

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