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Employment and Career Support

Career Progression Service

Funded by Trust for London we deliver a ‘Step Up’ project to support Deaf and hard of hearing Londoners to progress their careers. 

  • Career progression support 
  • Routes out of low-pay support 

We offer support to identify progression routes out of low-paid work. This could include advice, training and support to help low-paid workers into better-paid, sustainable employment which offers a career path, as well as work with employers. 

We will explore options on improving pay, conditions and rights for those on low incomes, including promoting the London Living Wage and addressing exploitative employment practices. 

deafPLUS are proud to achieve the London Living Wage accreditation. 

If you would like support progressing your career, please contact us on or if you are an employer and would like support training & developing your deaf employee, please call us on 020 7790 8478. 

The Career Progression Service service is offered at the following deafPLUS locations:

bromley ealing hackney hammersmith and fulham tower hamlets croydon

Job Workshops

Looking for a job?  Are you deaf or hard of hearing?  

Join our job search workshops held in, Hampshire!

  • Identify your skills and where to look for a job 
  • Understand job adverts and how to apply to jobs 
  • Get help with your CV and application form  
  • Discover how the Government’s “Access To Work” (ATW) Scheme works 
  • Help with interviews 

A light lunch is provided at the workshop. 

The workshops dates are listed below.

Friday 6th September at Aldershot Library GU11 1DQ
Thursday 26th September at 35-39 High Street GU11 1BH 
Thursday 3rd October at Basingstoke Discovery Centre RG21 7LS
Friday 11th October at 35-39 High Street GU11 1BH 

The Job Workshops service is offered at the following deafPLUS locations:


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