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deafPLUS Client Charter

In order to provide our service users with the best possible experience,  we have developed a charter which outlines our expectations of and towards one another. 

What you can expect from us. We will: 

  • Provide a tailored service that meets your needs
  • Be polite and helpful
  • Provide a free, confidential and non-judgmental service
  • Listen to what is important to you
  • Treat your information sensitively and confidentially
  • Respond to you in a timely manner
  • Provide a safe, supportive, and inclusive environment
  • Communicate with you in a way that meets your needs
  • Seek feedback and use complaints to improve our services

What we need from you: 

  • Be polite and courteous to all staff, volunteers and clients around you
  • Provide us with accurate and complete information
  • Attend appointments on time or let us know if you cannot make it
  • Understand that it is not always possible for us to see/help you immediately. We will try to accommodate emergency appointments and try our best to see you at the next available opportunity. If we cannot do so in a timely manner, we will signpost or refer you to another organisation that can support you
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Tel: 020 7790 8478 | Finance Tel: 020 7790 9227
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