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Do you want to improve the accessibility of your organisation?  You can partner with us and utilise our Award Winning, Lottery Funded Advice Line.  

What is the deafPLUS Advice Line?
The deafPLUS Advice Line enables deaf BSL users to sign “face to face” with a trained advisor, who is also a native BSL user, using a video platform they are already familiar with (e.g. Skype, FaceTime etc).  We also offer a text-based service for deaf clients who do not use BSL to ensure that it is accessible for everyone.  Our advisors deliver a significant amount of offline case work and support, moving cases forward on their behalf.

How can my organisation use the Advice Line?
deafPLUS will help you improve the accessibility of your service for deaf people via seamless signposting to the deafPLUS Advice Line.  Our partnership will mean that we will support your client directly, and will handle any advice casework that is necessary. We will keep you informed of progress, and may ask you to facilitate the casework where appropriate (i.e. scanning documents over to us, for example).
Clients who present at your offices can be shown a BSL video prepared by deafPLUS that will explain how the deafPLUS Advice Line works in partnership with your company.  If they access your service online, they will be able to view this video on your website.   
You will then simply use our online booking tool to arrange an appointment for your client to speak to our deaf advisor instantly, or at a mutually convenient time. This means your client will obtain the advice they need direct in BSL, from an adviser who uses BSL, without having to go through the hassle of booking a sign language interpreter. 

Here are our current Advice Line partners:
Camden Disability Action 
Community Advice & Law Service, Leicester
Citizens Advice: East End
Citizens Advice: Sutton
Citizens Advice: Westminster
National Energy Action 

If you would like to become a partner or would like more information, contact us at

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