BSL Advice Helpline

Worried or need advice about housing, benefits, money or debt?

Scroll down below to book an appointment to talk to one of our confidential advisors free on our deafPLUS BSL Adviceline. All available slots are shown to choose from. Click on the day and time slot you’d prefer for your appointment. Fill in your details. We’ll confirm your appointment by email. An advisor will be waiting for you to call them via the Skype or FaceTime link on this page, on the confirmed day and time of your appointment.

deafPLUS AdviceLine

Normal opening hours

Monday: 10am – 5pm
Tuesday: 2pm – 5pm
Wednesday: 10am – 12.30pm and 1pm – 5pm
Thursday: 9.30am – 12pm
Friday: 10am – 5pm

This helpline service is supported by Ruffield Trust.

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A world in which all people whether deaf or hearing are able to live and work in harmony together, with the same equality of opportunity available to everyone.