deafPLUS is looking for new deaf* Trustees who can help to take our charity forward.

Deaf?  Interested in joining our Board?


We are especially looking for people who have experience in one or more of the following fields:


  • Management (of projects, people or finances)
  • Digital (IT start-ups, app or website development / Information Management)
  • Marketing / PR / Fundraising / Business Development
  • Advice / Information / Advocacy Services
  • Human Resources / Legal


We would need you attend our four Board meetings each year, and take part in occasional email or skype conversations between Board meeting.  Communication support is provided at all meetings.  Training will be provided to new trustees, and potential trustees will be invited to attend a meeting as an observer before fully committing.


INTERESTED?  Please send your CV or LinkedIN details to our CEO:  by 12th January 2018.  Gary will also answer any questions you have.


*By deaf we mean Deaf (BSL or lipreading / aural)  deafened or  Living with a Hearing Loss.  We work with across the whole spectrum of people who are deaf, and need Trustees who reflect that wide range.