New Pan-London ‘Living with Hearing Loss’ project launched


New London-wide project to support people living with hearing loss.

deafPLUS, a national charity currently celebrating its 45th year, announces the launch of a London wide programme of support for older people who are living with hearing loss.

deafPLUS has received funding from City Bridge Trust to set up a new Pan London project called ‘Living with Hearing Loss’ (LWHL).  It has appointed Faye Routledge as the LWHL Project Manager & Trainer. Zoe Fudge has also been appointed as the LWHL Project Marketing & PR to launch this exciting project.

The project has been designed to support older people to manage the difficulties they experience because of age-related hearing loss. This will see deafPLUS deliver a series of free courses across London for people over 50 who have hearing loss. The courses will provide access to appropriate information, training in lip reading skills and delivery of other related support in an empathic learning environment.

Gary Williams, deafPLUS Chief Executive said: “This is an exciting project. With the right advice, equipment, and investment in their communication skills, older people with hearing loss will regain their confidence and can continue to lead fulfilled and independent lives.”

Each 7-week course will provide lip reading practice, support on other aspects of living with a hearing loss such as tinnitus, the use of specialised equipment etc. There will then be a further 5 weeks spent on setting up a self run support group to ensure the course participants can continue to meet up, socialise and support each other.

If readers would like more information or feel their area would benefit from our free training course then please contact LWHL Project Manager Faye Routledge on