deafPLUS Manifesto 2017

Extract from The Limping Chicken:

The charity deafPLUS has launched a manifesto of policies which would benefit Deaf and hard of hearing people in the upcoming general election.

The manifesto can be downloaded as a PDF by clicking here.

The charity did the same for the general election in 2015 and has now quickly updated the policies, drawing upon its experience of working with thousands of d/Deaf people across the country each year, in the hope that the policies may influence the major political parties and that people will ask local candidates to adopt them.

The suggested policies in the manifesto include:

  • BSL Bill – to “provide formal recognition of British Sign Language throughout England and Wales”
  • Accessible High Street services – companies to publish what reasonable adjustments they put in place for deaf customers
  • Improved access to mental health services for D/deaf people
  • Better access to NHS  information
  • A stop to rationing of hearing aids
  • Better communication support for D/deaf people who live in care homes
  • Broadcasting legislation to be updated to reflect advances in technology and the advent of on-demand services
  • Improvements to Access to Work provision

Gary Williams, CEO of deafPLUS said:

 “Like most people, we were surprised when Theresa May called the snap election. There is an brief opportunity for the d/Deaf community to influence the political parties as they put their detailed policy platforms together.  That is why deafPLUS has worked quickly to put a deafPLUS Manifesto together. It draws upon our experience of working with thousands of d/Deaf people across the country each year.

The manifesto has been sent to each of the major parties.  I have asked that they consider including in their own election policy documents.  It is my hope that Limping Chicken Readers might also use the deafPLUS manifesto to challenge their local candidates on issues of concern to them.  In this way, together, we might be able to put Deaf issues on the political agenda, and bring about positive change for Deaf people and people living with hearing loss.”

Download the manifesto as a PDF by clicking here.

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deafPLUS Manifesto 2017